Build a habit of self-love in 4 weeks

You've wanted to start building self-love forever.

You see other people relating to themselves in beautiful ways and think "How did they build that deep sense of self-worth and confidence?"

The answer: they practice and improve relating to self every single day.

And you can too.

Join us and build a habit of self-love!

I want to build self-love!

Relating to Self Podcast

Did you know that there is only one relationship that you will be in for your whole life? The relationship with yourself. That makes it the single most important relationship of your life. How can you improve this relationship?

On this podcast, I have deep, vulnerable conversations with real people about how they relate to themselves. We share tips, insights, practices and habits that help you build a better relationship with yourself.

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Few practices are as effective for improving your relationship with yourself as meditation.

A collection of guided meditations, specifically created for improving your relationship with yourself, is available for free on Insight Timer.

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